About Hidden Palms

Hidden Palms Farm is located on the spacecoast of Florida in Brevard County. We started in Nigerian Dwarf Goats in December 2013. As a former science teacher, I was intrigued by the genetics of the goats and spend countless hours researching goats to try and incorporate some of the best milk and conformation into my herd.

We participate in ADGA DHIR milk testing program and  the ADGA Linear Appraisal program through ADGA plus. We also attend many goat shows throughout the state of Florida and the East Coast, so please feel free to stop by if you see us and introduce yourself. After becoming involved in the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Community, I couldn’t be happier with our choice of breed. Hidden Palms Farm is a proud member of ADGA, AGS, FDGA, ANDDA, and NDGCF.

Contact us if you want to come visit the farm and hear all about our herd. Check out our Kidding Schedule and For Sale pages for the latest pricing, reservations, and Nigerian Dwarf Goats for sale.

Whole herd is tested CAE negative with each pregnancy and Johnne’s negative on a consistent rolling basis when pregnancy tests are run. Brucellosis/Tuberculosis free state.

2018 Highlights:

South Florida Fair:

GCH (pending) Old Mountain Farm Aven 5*M Grand Champion, Best of Breed, Best Doe in Show

Hidden Palms JD Pop Rocks, JR Reserve Grand Champion

1st Place Dairy Herd, !st Place Dam/Daughter, 1st place Produce of Dam

2017 Herd Awards


2016 Herd Awards

2015 Herd Awards




2 thoughts on “About Hidden Palms

  1. You must be proud of all your goats and the awards. Wish I had time. But I’ll bookmark your site and contact you when I get calls for kids, bucklings or does and we can’t help them.

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