List of DOES

Senior Does
SG AGS Whitbred Easy Street 2*M 2*D LA2016 VEEV 88 @9-01

NDDoeWBEasyStreetLeftSire: GCH AGS Dawland Tabby’s Halifax +B
Dam: SG AGS Old Mountain Farm Onmymerryway

DOB: 6/10/2007

1 Unrestricted leg, Dam of 2018 ADGA National Best Udder

SGCH Hidden Gems Son Vanilla Blues *M Elite Doe 2016

 2015 LA:VVEV 89(FF)@2-04

vanilla frontSire: Stayawhile Kitsap Son +B
Dam: Honey Goat Cookie Crumbs
DOB: 4/16/20132016 ANDDA District 3 Specialty Grand Champion/Best of Breed11th place 3 year old 2016 ADGA National Show (48 in class)
SGCH Hidden Gems TK Ariel 1*M  2017 LA: EEVE90 @4-03 Elite Doe 2016-7
12212188_995406723815261_2076052088_nSire: Rosasharn SP Tiki *B
Dam: SG The Daphne Delite
DOB: 1/6/2013
GCH Old Mountain Farm Aven 5*M 2017 LA: VEEE 90 @ 8-00
aven1Sire: SG Old Mountain Farm Stag +B
Dam: 4*M ARMCH Fairlea Flower Power 4*D
DOB: 4/30/2009
Old Mountain Farm Freckles 1*M 2015 LA: V+EV 86 @7-03
Freckles 2018Sire: SG Old Mountain Farm Stag +B
Dam: AGS Bombahook Acres HK Emily
DOB: 5/15/2008

Numerous Produce of Dam wins.

GCH Rosasharn RS B My Opera Star 5*M  2017 LA EEEE 91 @5-01
opera gogSire: Rosasharn GX Ringo Star +*B
Dam: ARMCH SG Rosasharn’s UMT Honey Bee 4*D, ‘E’, 4*M

SGCH Hidden Palms AM Skittles 2*M 2018 LA VEEE 90 @3-02

13615188_10208722811324828_1886600083137331417_nSire: Hidden Gems GK Famous Amos *B
Dam: Old Mountain Farm Freckles1*M
DOB: 2/28/2015


5th place Yearling Milker 2016 ADGA National Show

 Hidden Palms JD Corydalis 2*M 2018 LA: VEVV 88 @ 2-06

cory1Sire:  CH Farm Oldesouth SD James Dean *S *B
Dam: SG Elfin Acres Poppy *M Elite Doe 2016-7

1 unrestricted leg

 GCH Top Flight RS Stitch in Time 4*M 2018 LA VEVE 89 @3-01(FF)
 Sire: CH Rosasharn SP Shazam*B
Dam: Gypsy Moon Almost Zen18341658_833074080173861_8450607460633186_n
DOB: 3/23/2015
 La Ca Dos Baywatch Faith

faith 2018 (2)

1 unrestricted leg, 1 restricted leg

First Freshners
Hidden Palms  CC Glitters 2018 LA (FF): +VV+83 @ 1-02

Sire: Hidden Palms CB Count Chocula *B
Dam: Old Mountain Farm Freckles 1*M
DOB:02/06/2017  junior restricted leg

Hidden Palms CK Magic Head 2018 LA (FF): +VV+82 @ 1-00

magic headSire: Hidden Palms JD Kink *B
Dam: Hidden Palms JD Sh’Dynasty



Hidden Palms JD Pop Rocks  2018 LA (FF): +VV+83 @ 0-10
poprocks1Sire: CH Farm Oldesouth SD James Dean *S
Dam: SGCH Hidden Palms AM Skittles

Hidden Palms JD Ursula  2018 LA (FF): ++V+82 @ 1-04

Sire: CH Farm Oldesouth SD James Dean *S *B
Dam: SGCH Hidden Gems TK Ariel 1*M Elite Doe 2016 


Junior Does
 Hidden Palms JD Endora

Sire: CH Farm Oldesouth SD James Dean *S *B
Dam: Rosasharn NP Witches Brew 2*M 

Hidden Palms K Holly
 Hidden Palms K Die Fledermaus
 Hidden Palms K When in Rome
 Hidden Palms K Glistens

Hidden Palms L Unicorn

Hidden Palms L Valerian

Hidden Palms SK Pop N Fresh

Reference Does

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