Hidden Palms JD La Boheme

Hidden Palms JD La Boheme **DNA**


An accounting of the awards in this 4 generation pedigree of 30 animals:

Superior Genetics: 12/30

Milk Star: 30/30 That’s every animal for 4 generations!!!!

Top Ten Milkers: 9 of 15 does in 4 generations

LA scores on file: 16/30

Permanent Champions: 21/30

National Champions/Best of Breed:12 /30 (one is two time AGS National Champion, one is AGS National Champion and ADGA Reserve National Champion)

(Photos Used with Permission from Rosasharn, Cheryle Moore Smith, Jeremy Bethel, and Farm Oldesouth

Sire:CH  Farm Oldesouth SD James Dean *S20150805_135352 SS: CH Gypsy Moon Sudoku *S +Bsudoku_side_best AGS Rosasharn SS Sequoia ++B *S
 AGS Rosasharn SS Unique 4*D
SD:  SGCH Rosasharn GX Udiamond 3*M

LA: VVEE 90 @5-02

ADGA #1 Milk Production and butterfat 2014

Elite Doe


AGSRosasharn’s TL Galaxy ++*B +*S **DNA**

LA: VEE 90 @4—00

2005 AGS National ChampionR Galaxy

ARMCH  SG Rosaharn’s Uni 3*D 2*MLA: EEEV 90 @8-11

ADGA Butterfat Production Record Holder 2007-2012

ADGA Top Ten Production 2006-2009

AGS Top Ten Production 2002-2009

r uni udder r uni

Dam:GCH Rosasharn RS B My Opera Star 5*M


LA: 2017 LA EEEE91 @ 5-02

opera gog

DS:Rosasharn GX Ringo Star + *B


LA: VEE87@6-10r ringo star

AGSRosasharn’s TL Galaxy ++*B +*S **DNA**

LA: VEE 90 @4—00

2005 AGS National ChampionR Galaxy

ARMCH Rosasharn’s UMT Even’ Star 3*M 9*DR evenstar
 DD:ARMCH SG Rosasharn’s UMT Honey Bee 4*M 4*D


LA: VVEE88 @4-02r honeybee


ARMCH SG Rosasharn’s Under My Thumb ++*B +*SR UMT
ARMCH SG Rosasharn’s Buckwheat Honey 3*M 3*D

LA: EEEE91 @7-04

2007 AGS National Champion/Best Udder,2005 National Production Class Winner

2010 ADGA Reserve National Champion

2007 ADGA #1 Milk Production

2003-6,8,9,11 AGS top Ten Milk Production Butter Fat &Protein

2007,8,10 ADGA Top Ten Production Butterfat & Proteinbuckwheat reserve