Kidding Schedule

Pedigrees for Dams and Sires are listed on the buck and doe pages.

We will be retaining one kid from each breeding until dam finishes lactation, so there may be quite a few yearling does available at day 305.  Please contact if you are interested in any of the breedings.  I will keep a list of potential buyers in a first come, first served basis and will call when kids are on the ground.  If you want to lock in a price a $100 deposit is required on any breeding. Prices start at $400 and go up according to milk awards, championships, and LA scores. There will be discounts on some breedings for 4H and FFA students who have a letter from their teacher/sponsor.  There are exceptions to pricing and these have prices based on progeny and limited time in our herd.

Base Price                                          $400

*B or *S Sire                                       +$50

*M dam                                               +$50

*M AR for butterfat and production   +$100

Championship Leg(1-2)                     +$50

Permanent Champion                       +$100

Superior Genetics                             +$100

Elite Doe/Buck status                      +$100

LA 88+(86FF)                               +$50

LA 90+(89FF)                             +$100

Kidding Schedule  2017-8(subject to change)

Dam Sire Due Date Possible Traits Kids
 SG Whitbred Farm Easy Street 2*M  Hilltown Meadows Devlrsryquin one buck and all does retained


SG Hidden Palms JD Corydalis 2*M

unrestricted leg, restricted leg

GCH Rosasharn RS B My Opera Star 5*M

EEEE 91@5-01

sold out 2018 reservations open for Fall 2019

$750 one doe retained

1st doe MH

2nd  doe Jo

GCH Old Mountain Farm Aven 5*M VEEE 90 @ 9-00  Hidden Palms Farm K Mikado *B sold out 2018 reservations open for 2019

$750 one doe retained


SGCHHidden Palms AM Skittles  2*M


5th place yearling milker ADGA National Show

 Hilltown MEadows Devlrsryquin  heavy milk production, Blue eyes, Moon spots, sold out 2018 reservations open 2019

$850 one doe retained

GCH Top Flight RS Stitch in Time 4*M  Hidden Palms K Krampus *B $750 reservations open for 2019


 LA Ca Dos Baywatch Faith

2 unrestricted legs

 HilltownMeadows Devlrsryquin reservations open, no bucks offered


one doe retained

Hidden Palms K Die Fledermaus Summer 2019  One doe retained all others $450


GCH Hidden PAlms JD Sh’Dynasty 2*M
SGCH HIdden Gems TK Ariel 1*M

Elite Doe 2016-8


 Hidden PAlms K Mikado*B   heavy milk production, all bucks will carry a *B $950, one retained



Hidden PAlms L Valerian
Hidden Palms SK Hawthorn
Hidden Palms K Holly

one senior restricted leg

Hidden Palms K Blue Lotus *B Does $500,

One available

Hidden Palms K When in Rome
Egidio ET Rising Up

restricted leg

DNA Summer 2019 Does $500, no bucks offered



One thought on “Kidding Schedule

  1. Please feel free to email me at to come out to the farm and look at what we have for sale and bred. Our Linear Appraisal is August 15th so we are pretty busy right now. I will be listing quite a few animals including adult does in milk after the appraisal. We may also be offering does that have earned their milk stars.

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